Male (Eastern) © Matthew Plante eBird S80283739 Macaulay Library ML 303463251
Female (Rocky Mts.) © Mason Maron
Female (Eastern) © Dominique Genna
Male (Pacific) © Anthony Gliozzo
Juvenile (Pacific) © John F. Gatchet
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Adult (Costa Rican) © Carlos Bolaños
Female (Eastern) © Serg Tremblay
Male (Eastern) (with Downy Woodpecker) © Pat Schiller
Habitat © Tim Lenz

Hairy Woodpecker Dryobates villosus

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Medium-sized woodpecker, common and widespread across North America as far south as western Panama. Black-and-white plumage is nearly identical to the smaller Downy Woodpecker. Focus on the bill: Hairy has a longer bill, about the length of the head. Also look for clean white outer tail feathers. Some variation in color across range; birds in western North America and especially Central America are brownish, with limited white in the wing. Occurs in wooded habitats with large trees. Familiar visitor to backyard feeders, especially fond of suet. Calls include a loud “peek!” and a fast rattle, stronger than Downy Woodpecker.