Adult male © Saravanan Krishnamurthy Macaulay Library ML 72256591
Adult female © Neoh Hor Kee
Immature male © Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok
Adult male © Neoh Hor Kee
Adult female © Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok
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Adult male © Kian Guan Tay

Greater Green Leafbird Chloropsis sonnerati

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Vivid green bird of lowland evergreen forest canopy where it joins mixed flocks. Male has a black mask and throat. The black throat also has a dark blue center, though this can be difficult to see in poor lighting. Female is clean-faced save for a pale yellow throat and a trace of a blue mustache. Generally larger than Lesser Green Leafbird, but the two can be maddeningly difficult to tell apart. On the male Greater Green Leafbirds, look for a more extensive black mask and no traces of yellow on the forehead, while on the female, look for a yellow (not green) throat.