Breeding adult © Jay McGowan eBird S35870058 Macaulay Library ML 54144291
Nonbreeding/immature © Alix d'Entremont
Nonbreeding/immature © Becky Matsubara
Nonbreeding/immature © Evan Lipton
Breeding adult © Dorrie Holmes
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Breeding adult © Daniel Jauvin
Habitat © Tony V

Greater Yellowlegs Tringa melanoleuca

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Fairly large shorebird with bright yellow legs. Plumage is essentially identical to Lesser Yellowlegs: gray upperparts with white speckling, streaky neck, and white belly. Proportions are most important for identification. Greater is larger overall with longer, thicker, more upturned bill, longer neck, blockier head, and bigger chest. Forages actively on mudflats and in shallow pools and marshes, often in loose mixed flocks with Lesser Yellowlegs. Somewhat more likely to be found in larger, more open habitats than Lesser, but much overlap. Listen for strong, ringing “tew tew tew!” calls, louder than Lesser, and usually three or four notes instead of one or two (though Greater can also give single notes).