© Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul eBird S60929796 Macaulay Library ML 297306331
© Wich’yanan Limparungpatthanakij
© Allen Lyu
© Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok

Two-barred Warbler Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus

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A small songbird, greenish above, white below, with black-bordered white supercilium and thin white wingbars. Larger and more contrastingly marked than Yellow-browed Warbler, which has weaker wingbars and a generally stouter appearance. Not as elongate-looking as Arctic Warbler, with a shorter-billed profile and a more extensive white supercilium that reaches the base of the upper bill (Arctic's brow stops well short of the bill). Extremely similar to Greenish Warbler: Two-barred tends to be more brightly colored above than Greenish and has two wingbars instead of one. Song a series of quick trills and squeaks, lacking the two introductory notes of Greenish; call a flat series of three notes, similar to Greenish. Breeds in taiga forest, winters in a range of forest and forest edge habitats.