Female © Charley Hesse TROPICAL BIRDING
Immature © James Kennerley
Immature © Bradley Hacker 🦜
Male © Chris Sayers

Greater Honeyguide Indicator indicator

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This large honeyguide is a mostly brownish bird with white outer tail feathers and an upright posture. It is one of the most distinctive members of its family and has frosted white edgings to the shoulder feathers. Sexes differ: the male has a pink bill, black throat, and large white “ear muffs’; the female has a dark bill and pale throat. The immature has a yellow throat and breast. Singles and pairs are inconspicuous in woodland, open cultivated areas, and gardens; they often raid bees’ nests to eat wax, eggs, and larvae. Most often seen in undulating flight; may also be tracked down by following its unique vocalization, a series of strident two-noted segments: “VIC-tor, VIC-tor, VIC-tor”.