© Jhonathan Miranda - Wandering Venezuela Birding Expeditions eBird S54854403 Macaulay Library ML 150589301
© Vivian Vivas
© Peter Kaestner
© Jhonathan Miranda - Wandering Venezuela Birding Expeditions

Great Antpitta Grallaria excelsa

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Giant, upright, barred antpitta of cloud forest. Long and heavy bill, gray crown and nape, brown forehead and upperparts, and buffy throat. Underparts and cheeks ochre with strong black barring. Sexes similar. Rare and difficult to see even when singing. Mostly in darker understory in very wet cloud forest rich in palms, on the floor or at mid-levels. Song is a long, trilled “Br’ur’ur’ur’ur’ur’ur’…” ending abruptly, very similar to Undulated Antpitta but more uniform in pitch and pace. Also very similar in plumage to Undulated Antpitta, which has a smaller bill and body size, as well a blackish moustache and less contrast between forehead and crown than Great. Endemic to Venezuela with three isolated populations.