Adult (Blue form) © Daniel Grossi eBird S54782806 Macaulay Library ML 150274411
Immature (Blue form) © Ashley Bradford
Adult (Blue form) © Evan Lipton
Adult (White form) © Alex Lamoreaux
Adult (Wurdemann's) © Michael Todd
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Adult (Blue form) © Linda Chittum
Adult (Blue form) © Tom Davis
Adult (Blue form) © Georgia Gerrior

Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias

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Huge gray heron, no other similar species in range. Note large yellow-orange bill, short black plumes on head, and black and chestnut pattern on shoulder. Immatures are more brownish than adults, and have a dark crown. Fairly common and widespread throughout North America; wintering range extends to northern South America. Occurs in almost any wetland habitat, from small ponds to marshes to saltwater bays. Usually seen singly but can gather in numbers where food is plentiful. White form, sometimes considered a separate species (“Great White Heron”), is found in southern Florida and the Caribbean. It is most similar to Great Egret but has a larger bill.