Hispaniolan Nightjar Antrostomus ekmani

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Dark brown and buff nocturnal bird often first noted by its distinctive song, a low, burry “pit, whoo-vore?”, often given in rapid succession. Similar to migratory Chuck-will’s-widow, but plumage is darker and less buffy, and tail is tipped white in male or buff in female, though this may only be evident when seen from below. When seen from above, pale tail tip is indistinct, and helps separate it from the smaller Least Pauraque, which has a narrow and well-defined band at the end of the tail. Short wings that do not reach tail tip help distinguish it from Antillean Nighthawk. Inhabits forest and edge, and often seen along roads at night as its eyes gleam in the headlights of passing cars or the spotlights of birders. Sallies out to catch insects from the ground or a branch. Sleeps by day on the ground or a low perch. Endemic to Hispaniola. Cuban birds are now considered a separate species, Cuban Nightjar.



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