Male © Dennis S Main
Female © Roger Ahlman
Male © Nigel Voaden
Male © Devin Griffiths

Gorgeted Sunangel Heliangelus strophianus

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Unmistakable; glittering pinkish-purple throat is distinctive in good light, but also note the snowy white chest band, which is always obvious. Medium-sized with a rather short, straight bill. Like other sunangels, holds wings out for a few seconds after it lands. Based on plumage, could be confused with Purple-throated Woodstar, but the sunangel is larger with a much different flight style. The only sunangel within limited range on the west slope of Andes; occurs mostly in Ecuador, but barely extends into Colombia. Occurs in a rather narrow elevational band in the upper subtropical zone from around 1,700 to 2,300 m. Can be seen at all levels in the cloud forest, edges, and gardens, but most frequently at middle heights within the forest. Visits feeders.