Male © Alan Van Norman eBird S6880084 Macaulay Library ML 39511471
Female © Jorge Muñoz García CAQUETA BIRDING
Male © Tom Murray
Male © Silvia Faustino Linhares
Male © Nate Swick
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Male © Jorge Muñoz García CAQUETA BIRDING

Golden-headed Quetzal Pharomachrus auriceps

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Large trogon, shimmering emerald above with red belly. Male has noticeable golden sheen on head and yellow bill; female has brown head and duller brownish chest and bill. In all plumages, look for entirely dark tail and dark eye to help separate from similar Crested Quetzal. Found in forests and edges in the subtropical zones. Tends to perch stolidly in the subcanopy; can be difficult to spot. Most often seen in the vicinity of a fruiting tree, singly or in pairs, although sometimes several birds can gather at a food source. Listen for mournful song, a repeated “go home, go home, go home.”