Breeding adult © Timo Mitzen eBird S65336211 Macaulay Library ML 213666391
Nonbreeding adult © Cameron Eckert
Nonbreeding adult © Christoph Moning
First winter © Christoph Moning
First winter © Mark Bartolome Stevens
+ 7
Second winter © Chris Wood
Third winter © Matt Davis
Nonbreeding adult © Jeffrey Moore
First winter © Chezy Yusuf
First winter © Greg Gillson
Adult (with Black Oystercatcher) © Brooke Miller

Glaucous-winged Gull Larus glaucescens

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Large, stocky gull of the North Pacific. Generally fairly pale and uniform-looking; at all ages, note wingtips and back are approximately the same color. Takes four years for immatures to progress from mostly brown to fully white and gray adult plumage; intermediate plumages are often mottled and messy. Most immatures look frosty grayish-brown with smooth patterning. Found in coastal areas, including beaches, mudflats, and even city parks. Identification is complicated by frequent hybridization with Western, Herring, and Glaucous Gulls in various parts of range. Pure birds can be difficult to find and identify with certainty, and many intermediate birds are best left unidentified.