Male © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography eBird S65190243 Macaulay Library ML 206005641
Female © Vasco Valadares
Male © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography
Male © Fabio Olmos
Female © Alain Jacot
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Male © Thibaud Aronson
Female © Phil Hyde

Giant Weaver Ploceus grandis

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A spectacular enormous weaver endemic to São Tomé, with a robust barbet-like bill and a bulky head. Adult male has a black head and a chestnut collar that extends to the breast. Female is dull, with a buff wash on the breast. Juvenile is like the female, but browner on the upperparts. Fairly common in forest, forest edge, and plantations. Found in pairs and small groups. Song is a winding gurgle that ends with a wheezing fizzle: “drrt-drrt-drrt-grrzzzztztztztz.” Other weavers on São Tomé are much smaller, and their males lack chestnut coloration.