Breeding adult © Joe Bailey eBird S36151136 Macaulay Library ML 55259551
Nonbreeding adult © Tyler Ficker
First winter © Mason Maron
First winter © Brian Sullivan
Nonbreeding adult © Chris Wood
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Breeding adult © Brian Sullivan
First winter © Ryan Sanderson
Breeding adult © Brian Sullivan
Flock © David Lambeth

Franklin's Gull Leucophaeus pipixcan

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Medium-sized gull with medium-gray upperparts. Breeding plumage shows black head with thick white eye arcs, large white spots on black wingtips, and deep red bill and legs. White underparts are often tinged with pink. Nonbreeding plumage has partial black hood and dark bill and legs. Juveniles have browner upperparts. Breeds around lakes and marshes in the prairies of north-central North America. Migrates through the center of the continent to and from wintering grounds in South America, where it is primarily found on the coast and offshore. Gathers in huge flocks in migration and winter. Most similar to Laughing Gull, which is slightly larger and lankier with a longer bill. Franklin’s shows thicker eye arcs and larger white spots on wingtips.