Flores Jungle-Flycatcher Cyornis oscillans

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Two forms, one on Flores and Sumbawa, and the other on Sumba, which may represent distinct species. Flores and Sumbawa form is dingy brown above with a rufous wash to wings, rump, and tail, a gray throat and breast, white on belly, and a buff underside to the base of the tail. Sumba birds are longer-billed with a rufous tinge to entire upperparts, and paler below with a white throat and a white base to undertail. Singles and pairs inhabit understory, often joining mixed-species flocks. In Sumba, occupies lowland forest, edge, and scrub. Elsewhere, confined to denser forest areas in hills and mountains. Sumba form can be separated from the smaller Sumba Brown and Sumba Flycatchers by the entirely dark bill, the lack of rufous flanks, and the overall dark appearance. Elsewhere, separated from Asian Brown Flycatcher by larger size, entirely dark bill, duller underside, and lack of a white throat. On Flores, sings a jumbled, high-pitched warbling: “tiritirtir-tu…”. On Sumba, sings a thrush-like song with repeated “too-wee-woo” phrases.



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