Adult © Christopher Sloan eBird S40941836 Macaulay Library ML 101401351
Juvenile © Tomáš Grim
Adult © Kyle Kittelberger
Adult © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography

Fire-crested Alethe Alethe castanea

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A common understory bird found in the undergrowth or on the ground in forests of all types, from the lowlands into the foothills. The reddish-brown back and tail are noticeable when the bird flies away in the undergrowth, but look also for the white undersides, dark gray legs, and gray face. This alethe’s fiery crest is hard to see in the field and often appears as a reddish-brown crown stripe. Sometimes imitates other species, including illadopsises. Distinguished from Brown-chested Alethe by its plain gray face, dark legs, and reddish crown stripe. Gives a distinctive two-parted whistle, “go where?”, with a distinct pause between the notes.