Female © John Sevenair
Male © Tommy Pedersen
Female © Marilyn Henry
Male © Phil Gregory | Sicklebill Safaris | www.birder.travel
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Male © Allen Lewis
Male © Don Roberson

Fire-bellied Woodpecker Chloropicus pyrrhogaster

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A large, long-billed woodpecker with an olive back, a red rump, a bold facial pattern, and heavily marked underparts with a bright red central belly stripe. The crown and back of the head are black in the female and red in males. Forages alone or in pairs, preferring dead tree trunks where it can excavate for beetle larvae and other insects in lowland rainforest, gallery forest, and plantations. Calls include a sharp “kwip,” a series of similar notes, and a fast whinnying call. Also gives a distinctive drum that lasts about 2 seconds, beginning fast and then slowing. Similar to Bearded and Yellow-crested Woodpeckers, but there is very little overlap in range, and those species lack the red belly patch.