Adult light morph © Ian Davies eBird S69987604 Macaulay Library ML 296937931
Adult light morph © Brian Sullivan
Adult light morph © Jerry Liguori
Adult light morph © Jerry Liguori
Adult dark morph © Jerry Ting
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Adult dark morph © Jerry Liguori
Adult light morph © Danny Tipton
Adult dark morph © Chris Wood
Juvenile light morph © Wolfe R
Juvenile light morph © Timothy P. Jones
Juvenile dark morph © Mike Thompson
Juvenile light morph © Pitta Tours

Ferruginous Hawk Buteo regalis

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Large raptor of dry open country; light morph much more common than dark morph. Light adult distinctly rufous above with blue-gray flight feathers, white breast, and rufous barring on sides. Tail very pale with light rufous upperside. Light juvenile lacks rufous tones of adult but still shows pale tail and clean white breast. Dark morph rich brown overall with pale tail and white undersides on flight feathers. Wings show a dihedral or V-shape when soaring; wings rather long. Usually seen singly. Feeds on rodents.