Adult (Eurasian) © Jim Merritt eBird S64381142 Macaulay Library ML 208765181
Adult (Eurasian) © Paul Fenwick
Adult (Eurasian) © Jesse Amesbury
Immature (Eurasian) © Santiago Caballero Carrera
Adult (Eurasian) © Romuald Mikusek
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Adult (Eurasian) © Santiago Caballero Carrera
Adult (Eurasian) © Sylvia Maulding
Flock (Eurasian) © Bernardo Alps

Eurasian Collared-Dove Streptopelia decaocto

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Large pale dove with a black crescent on the nape. Slightly smaller and paler than Rock Pigeon, with a proportionately longer, square-tipped tail. Favors farms and suburbs; avoids areas with extensive forests. Typically seen in pairs or small loose groups; forms larger flocks in winter. Widespread and common throughout much of Eurasia and northern Africa. Introduced to, and established in, much of North America, the Caribbean, and parts of Central America. Compare with African Collared-Dove, which may occur in small feral populations or as an escapee throughout Eurasian Collared-Dove’s range. Especially note tail pattern from below: mostly white, contrasting with the grayish undertail coverts, and with black extending down the outer edge of the tail feathers. Voice - a cooing “woop-WOOO!-woop” - is also helpful.