Male (Coppery-tailed) © Bryan Calk eBird S72262663 Macaulay Library ML 255378761
Male (Coppery-tailed) © Aaron Marshall
Female (Coppery-tailed) © William Higgins
Male (Coppery-tailed) © Shawn Cooper
Male (Elegant) © fernando Burgalin Sequeria
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Male (Coppery-tailed) © Paul Tavares
Juvenile (Coppery-tailed) © Scott Olmstead
Female (Coppery-tailed) © William Higgins
Male (Coppery-tailed) © Adam Dudley
Male (Coppery-tailed) © Linda Chittum
Male (Elegant) © Chris Fischer

Elegant Trogon Trogon elegans

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Striking male has bronzy-green head and breast and bright red belly; female grayish-brown with limited red belly and distinctive white squiggle behind eye. Compare with Mountain Trogon, which overlaps extensively in range. Note undertail pattern: fine black-and-white barring with large white tips on the feathers. Habitat is also useful; Elegant typically found at lower elevations than Mountain, but some overlap. Occurs from Arizona to Costa Rica in thorn forest, canyons, and mountains up to around 2000 m, locally higher. Like other trogons, stoic and unobtrusive, often sitting still for long periods of time and sallying out quickly to catch insects. Listen for series of harsh descending barks.