Breeding adult (flava) © Christoph Moning eBird S38258846 Macaulay Library ML 63967521
Immature © Pedro Nicolau
Breeding adult (iberiae) © Volker Hesse
Breeding adult (lutea/flavissima) © Christoph Moning
Breeding adult (thunbergi) © Markus Craig
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Breeding adult (feldegg) © Marky Mutchler
Breeding adult (leucocephala) © Omar alshaheen
Breeding adult (pygmaea) © Watter AlBahry
Nonbreeding adult (lutea/flavissima) © Komal Agrawal
Nonbreeding adult (feldegg) © Christoph Moning
Immature © Sneha Gupta
Immature © Markus Craig
Adult (lutea/flavissima) © Alexander Lees

Western Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava

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Widespread wagtail, favoring wet meadows, marshland, grassy and muddy lakeshores. Occurs in fields and often near livestock during migration. Like other wagtails, walks on ground and pumps its long, white-sided tail up and down. Plumage highly variable, but breeding male wholly bright yellow below, with greenish back. Male head pattern varies regionally: in U.K. has greenish head with yellow eyebrow; in northern Europe head slaty gray overall; in central and southwest Europe head blue-gray with white eyebrow; striking white-headed birds in Mongolia and northwestern China. Individuals of several subspecies may winter together. Female and nonbreeding plumages drabber and paler, with ghosting of male patterns. Songs and calls vary between subspecies, but most give some form of buzzy “dzeerdzeer” or downslurrd “tzree.”