Male © Jean-Sébastien Guénette eBird S49092253 Macaulay Library ML 119863481
Female © Darwin Mayhew
Male © Nigel Voaden
Male © Carlos Sanchez
Female © Nigel Voaden

Cuckoo-roller Leptosomus discolor

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A large, big-headed, short-legged bird that is very odd in almost every way, especially in the position of the eye near the top of the head. Males have a pale head and underparts and a colorful iridescent back. Females are rufous brown with heavy spotting below. Found in all forest types, and sometimes in adjacent scrub and plantations. Often perches and feeds in the canopy, though rarely on an emergent branch. Males and pairs frequently make soaring display flights, constantly giving incredibly loud and persistent three-part wailing calls. Much larger than Broad-billed Roller, with a dark bill. Looks raptor-like, but has a huge head, small bill, and less powerful wingbeats.