Adult male © Luiz Matos eBird S39932080 Macaulay Library ML 77577131
Female © Ian Thompson
Adult male © Silvia Faustino Linhares
Adult male © Tom Johnson
Female © Hugo Foxonet
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Immature male © Alexandre Vinot

Crimson-hooded Manakin Pipra aureola

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Small, plump bird of swampy forest understory. Stunning adult male is rich red on head and breast, with black upperparts and white eyes. Females and young males are dull greenish, often suffused with yellow especially on the throat, and have pale gray to whitish eyes. Found in flooded forests, including tall second growth and abandoned plantations, near large rivers and in coastal areas. Feeds on fruit which it takes in short sallies, like other manakins. Often common but generally inconspicuous, even when displaying. Male display vocalization is a single loud, whining note, strongly descending and virtually identical to calls of Wire-tailed and Band-tailed Manakins; multiple birds often give the note simultaneously creating a harmonic effect. Adult males are unmistakable; females and young males are distinguished from other manakins by bulky shape and pale eyes.