Adult (Gray) © Francisco Mariñez eBird S27163164 Macaulay Library ML 23721201
Adult (Blackish) © Francis Canto Jr
Adult (Banded) © Luciano Acquaviva
Immature (Gray) © Jay McGowan
Immature (Blackish) © Jay McGowan
+ 10
Immature © Betsy Avila
Adult (Gray) © Jay McGowan
Adult (Blackish) © Carlos Echeverría
Adult (Banded) © Holger Teichmann
Adult (Blackish) © German Garcia
Adult (Gray) © Jay McGowan
Adult (Blackish) © Roger Ahlman
Adult (Banded) © Rossana De los Santos
Adult (Blackish) © Aaron Juan

Crane Hawk Geranospiza caerulescens

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Variably colored hawk with a small head and long legs. Frequents tropical lowlands, especially marshes, but also forest, woodland patches. Usually seen perched, at times clambering and flapping while using its double-jointed legs to grope around for prey in tree crevices. Adult has long reddish legs; Central American and northern South American birds have red eyes, while southern South American birds have yellow eyes. Immature has white-grizzled face. Long tail has 2 broad white bands, obvious in flight. Wingbeats rather loose and floppy, and soars rather infrequently.