Adult male © Gordon Karre eBird S34202254 Macaulay Library ML 47682281
Female © Gordon Karre
Adult male © Christopher Lindsey
Immature male © Brian Sullivan
Female © Sharif Uddin
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Adult male © Sharif Uddin
Female © Herb Elliott
Adult male © James Taylor

Costa's Hummingbird Calypte costae

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Small hummingbird of desert habitats in southwestern U.S., western Mexico, and Baja. Compact and short-tailed with a slightly drooping bill. Male has a brilliant purple crown and throat that extends down to a point on each side; can appear black in poor lighting. Females are plainer with greenish back and dingy grayish underparts. Note pale eyebrow that wraps around the dark cheek, droopy bill, and dumpy, short-tailed shape to help separate from similar hummingbirds (especially Anna’s and Black-chinned). Wanders from the desert after breeding, visiting more varied habitats including backyards with sugar water feeders. Listen for very high-pitched song.