Adult male (Common) © Ferit Başbuğ eBird S31941243 Macaulay Library ML 36928311
Adult male (Ehrenberg's) © Khalifa Al Dhaheri
Female (Common) © Markus Craig
Juvenile (Common) © Francisco Fernandes
Female (Common) © Ferit Başbuğ
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Female (Ehrenberg's) © Markus Craig
Immature male (Common) © Santiago Caballero Carrera
Immature male (Ehrenberg's) © Lutz Duerselen
Adult male (Common) © Mandy Game

Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus

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Male handsome and distinctive, with black face and throat offset by white brow, bright orangey breast, blue-gray back. Female drab gray-brown overall except for bright tail. Female told from female Black Redstart by warmer, buffy-brown (not grayish) breast. Found in mixed and deciduous woodland, heathland with trees and hedges; often uses coastal scrub, thornscrub, and other drier habitats during the non-breeding season. Unobtrusive; tends to perch rather upright and has a distinctive habit of shivering its bright orangey tail. Pleasant song can include various whistles and warbles, as well as drier, buzzier phrases. Calls include hard “pik” notes and a rising “weet.”