Adult (Continental) © Adrien Mauss eBird S39422255 Macaulay Library ML 70455821
Adult (British) © Dominic Garcia-Hall
Adult (Black-crested) © Abhishek Das
Adult (Chinese) © Vincent Wang
Adult (Himalayan) © Luke Seitz
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Adult (Cyprus) © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography
Adult (Atlas) © Karim Haddad
Adult (Caucasus) © Jens Thalund
Juvenile (Continental) © Ethan Lai
Juvenile (British) © Dominic Garcia-Hall
Adult (Black-crested) © Abhishek Das
Adult (Continental) © Christoph Moning

Coal Tit Periparus ater

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Small, active tit. Combination of large black bib, white wingbars, and broad white stripe on nape distinctive. Dazzling geographic variation: Himalayan and Chinese birds have a small, spiffy crest; north African birds have stained yellow cheeks; European and Siberian birds dullest overall, crestless and with buffy flanks. Inhabits coniferous and mixed woodland, forest, parks, and gardens; visits bird feeders. Associated with foothills and montane areas throughout much of its eastern range. Often joins mixed-species flocks in autumn and winter, moving quickly through the foliage and giving high-pitched calls. Up-and-down song varies across range. Compare with slightly larger and chunkier Marsh Tit and Willow Tit, which have bigger white cheek patches, drabber overall plumage, and different voices.