Adult © Luke Seitz
Adult and chick © Matt Davis
Adult © Rob Bonner
Adult © Louis Bevier
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Adult © Nancy Christensen
Adult © Nancy Christensen
Adult © Myles McNally

Clark's Grebe Aechmophorus clarkii

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Large, long-necked grebe with very long, thin, yellow-orange bill. Black cap ends just above red eye, so the eye looks isolated in the white face. Long, gray body rides low in the water. Breeds on marshy lakes, where it builds a floating nest of vegetation. Mostly found on saltwater bays and open ocean in winter, but also lakes. Very similar to Western Grebe, with extensive range overlap and often in mixed flocks. Typically outnumbered by Western where they occur together. Clark’s looks paler overall, especially on the sides and face. Also look at the bill: brighter orange-yellow on Clark’s, lacking a dark lower edge. Some birds appear intermediate and should be left unidentified.