Breeding male © David M. Bell eBird S56875004 Macaulay Library ML 173394981
Nonbreeding adult/immature © Jacob Drucker
Adult male © Shawn Billerman
Nonbreeding adult/immature © Justyn Stahl
Breeding male © Luke Seitz
+ 5
Juvenile © James Kennerley
Molting male © Adam Wood
© Joachim Bertrands
Flock © Brian Sullivan

Chestnut-collared Longspur Calcarius ornatus

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Sparrowlike ground-dweller; crouches low to the ground and walks with pattering footsteps. Breeding male shows beautiful chestnut nape, black-and-white head stripes, yellowish throat, and black belly. Females and nonbreeding birds are much more subtle. Tan overall with washed out face pattern, a slightly warmer nape, and indistinct streaks below. With a good view, look for shorter wingtips than other longspurs. In flight, note extensive white on edges of tail. Often found in flocks, sometimes mixed other longspurs. Breeds in grassy prairies, where males give a complex descending song. Winters in fields with short grass.