Breeding male © Christian Nunes eBird S50377637 Macaulay Library ML 126259851
Female/nonbreeding male © Jon Lowes
Breeding male © Gil Ewing
Female/nonbreeding male © Tommy Pedersen
Breeding male © Brad Arthur
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Breeding male © Michael Preston

Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis

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A large weaver with a long, thin pointed bill. The male has a pale eye, and during the breeding season a brownish wash to the face. The female has a brown eye and an olive-brown belly. The species occupies open country, where it often breeds in mixed-species colonies over water or in large isolated trees. The chattering and rasping song is long and complex. The smaller Southern Brown-throated Weaver has a chunkier bill than Cape Weaver; its male has a better defined brown throat and its female has a white belly. African Golden-Weaver has reddish eyes, and Holub’s Golden-Weaver has an unstreaked yellowish back.