Breeding adult © Daniel Arndt eBird S67428291 Macaulay Library ML 226152141
Nonbreeding adult © Ryan Sanderson
Second winter © Jim Hully
Second summer © Ian Routley
First winter © Steven Mlodinow
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Juvenile © Mason Maron
Juvenile © Brian Sullivan
Nonbreeding adult © Blake Matheson
Second summer © Brandon Holden
Juvenile © Liam Singh
Habitat © John C Sullivan

California Gull Larus californicus

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Medium-sized gull, a bit larger than Ring-billed Gull and smaller than Herring Gull. Adults have medium-gray upperparts (slightly darker than Herring Gull), and red and black markings on the bill. Takes four years for immatures to progress from mostly brown to fully white and gray adult plumage; intermediate plumages are often mottled and messy. Many immatures show a pink bill with a contrasting black tip, and dull pinkish or greenish-gray legs. Always note dark eye. Common and fairly widespread in western North America, inland and along the coast. Can be found at parking lots, beaches, or lakes, often in flocks with Herring and Ring-billed Gulls.