Adult male © Nancy Christensen eBird S57051613 Macaulay Library ML 162507031
Adult male © Sean Williams
Female © Janey Woodley
Female © Matt Davis
Female/immature male © Dave DeSarno
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Female/immature male © Dave DeSarno
Female/immature male © Jared Keyes
Immature male © Suzie McCann
Habitat © Henry Burton

Bullock's Oriole Icterus bullockii

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The common oriole in the western U.S., wintering throughout Mexico. Adult males have a large white wing patch and mostly orange face with a black eyeline. Females are duller overall, mostly gray on the belly, usually with brightest orange on the face. Immature males are similar to females, but usually slightly brighter and with a black throat and eyeline. Breeds in riparian corridors and open woods; winters in any wooded habitat. Visits feeders with nectar and fruits. Females can be very difficult to distinguish from Baltimore Oriole, and hybrids do occur. Bullock's is usually brightest on the face, not the breast.