Adult © Ronnie d'Entremont eBird S49676815 Macaulay Library ML 121991851
Adult © Russ Smith
Adult © Josh Houck
Adult © Ian Burgess
Adult © Alix d'Entremont
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Adult © Marky Mutchler
Habitat © Simon Boivin

Blue-headed Vireo Vireo solitarius

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Attractive, colorful vireo with thick white spectacles. Note dark blue-gray head, yellowish sides, and bold white wingbars. Breeds in forested areas, typically mixed coniferous and deciduous. Migrants can be found in any wooded area, often in flocks with other small songbirds. Winters from the southeastern U.S. to Central America. Blue-headed is the brightest of the "Solitary Vireo" complex, and usually identifiable by range alone. Compare especially with Cassin's Vireo on the wintering grounds, but note Blue-headed is more colorful and contrasty. Especially look for contrast between the dark gray face and white throat. Some birds are best left unidentified. Song is sweeter and slower than other vireos in breeding range.