Adult light morph © David Brown eBird S31679821 Macaulay Library ML 35616301
Adult light morph © Monique Berlinguette
Adult light morph © Martina Nordstrand
Adult light morph © andrew aldrich
Adult dark morph © Wayne Perala
+ 10
Juvenile light morph © Nathan Dubrow
Juvenile light morph © Sean Clinning
Juvenile light morph © fernando Burgalin Sequeria
Juvenile light morph © Alex Lamoreaux
Juvenile dark morph © Tony Leukering
Immature light morph © James Sawusch
Immature light morph © Mary McSparen
Habitat © Mark Kosiewski
Flock © LG Pr

Broad-winged Hawk Buteo platypterus

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Rather small, compact hawk; about the size of Red-shouldered Hawk, smaller than Red-tailed Hawk. Adults are solid brown above, barred reddish-brown below with bold black-and-white tail bands. Immatures similar, but with blotchier markings below and thin, diffuse tail bands. Distinctive shape in flight: note the short tail, straight leading edge of wing, and bulging secondaries in flight. Listen for high-pitched, piercing whistle coming from woodlands during breeding season. Known for forming massive flocks called kettles during migration, when it travels from the U.S. and Canada all the way to winter in Central and South America.