Adult (Atlantic) © Bill Adams eBird S25759922 Macaulay Library ML 20875501
Adult (Colombian) © Rodolfo Dodero
Adult (Brewster's) © Greg Gillson
Adult (Forster's) © Alan Atkinson
Immature © Bill Bacon
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Adult (Colombian) © Brian Sullivan
Immature © Tim Lenz
Adult (Forster's) © Rodney Appleby

Brown Booby Sula leucogaster

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Large seabird of inshore and offshore waters in tropical regions around the globe. Head, neck, and upperparts are solidly brown, except for adult males from Mexican Pacific Coast populations which have a whitish head and often an entirely whitish neck. Adult has a well-demarcated white belly and immature has a variably mottled brown belly that rarely looks solidly brown. Compare with other boobies and with juvenile Northern Gannet. Often seen from beaches, sometimes just beyond the breakers. Usually plunge-dives from a shallow angle, much closer to the water than Blue-footed Booby. Breeds in colonies on offshore islands, nesting on the ground. Recently showing up more regularly as a vagrant on inland lakes and reservoirs in the U.S. and Canada, and further north along the Atlantic coast.