Breeding adult © David Irving eBird S35057670 Macaulay Library ML 123271261
Breeding adult © Homer Gardin
Juvenile © Ryan Sanderson
Breeding adult © Aaron Juan
Nonbreeding adult © Tammy McQuade
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Juvenile © Neoh Hor Kee
Breeding adult © Cheng Qian
Juvenile © matthew sabatine
Breeding adult © Adam Bowley
Flock © Birding Aboard

Bridled Tern Onychoprion anaethetus

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Tropical tern with gray back, black cap, and white forehead. Nonbreeding and immatures have a messy dark nape. Most similar to Sooty Tern but paler gray above with more extensive white tail edges, paler undersides of flight feathers, as well as longer and more slender eyebrow. Also compare with the paler Gray-backed Tern. Bridled Tern is found in warm tropical waters worldwide. It breeds on islands, usually concealed by a large rock or bush. Otherwise, usually stays far offshore, often seen perching on floating wood or debris. Rarely seen near land except when blown off course by a hurricane.