Breeding male © David Irving eBird S28999623 Macaulay Library ML 167892551
Female/immature male © Stefan Hirsch
Nonbreeding male © Christoph Moning
Juvenile © Tomáš Grim
Female/immature male © Cameron Eckert
+ 3
Breeding male © Paul Chapman
© Morten Venas

Brambling Fringilla montifringilla

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Distinctive and handsome orange-breasted finch. Note black head of males (solid in breeding season, patchy in non-breeding) and gray-and-brown head of females. Complex wing patterns and white rump patches create a wondrous show when a flock rises up in flight. Breeds in northern woodlands, especially in and around birches; winters in varied wooded habitats (especially with beech trees), semiopen country, and farmland with hedges; sometimes visits gardens and parks with feeders or fruiting trees. Song is surprising and almost ugly for such a well-marked finch, a strange ringing buzz: “eerRRRRNnnn.” Gives a rising “qweee”, a higher-pitchd “tsi, tsi”, and various twittering and nasal flock calls.