Adult male (Red-spotted) © Bryan Calk eBird S57676753 Macaulay Library ML 182455611
Female © Abhishek Das
Immature © Albin Jacob
Juvenile © Daniel López-Velasco | Ornis Birding Expeditions
Adult male (White-spotted) © Christoph Moning
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Adult male (Iberian) © Antonio Ceballos Barbancho
Female © Andrew Spencer
Nonbreeding male © Kuzey Cem Kulaçoğlu
Adult male (Red-spotted) © Ian Davies
Immature © Lukasz Pulawski
Female © Miguel Rouco
Nonbreeding male © Miguel Rodríguez Esteban
Adult male (Red-spotted) © Rob Belterman

Bluethroat Luscinia svecica

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Beautiful thrush-like bird that tends to stay hidden. Dull gray above, but a head-on view reveals a stunning pattern of electric blue and orange on the throat (some variation in pattern across range). Females show fainter colors than males, sometimes lacking blue entirely, but are still very boldly patterned. On the dullest young females, look for bold white eyebrow and throat, necklace of dark streaks, and rufous on the base of the tail. Variable song includes imitations of other species among a jumble of trills, whistles, and chirps. Typically found in scrubby, brushy habitat, often in edge areas: reedbeds, overgrown fields, and thickets. Usually skulky but singing males can perch conspicuously atop a bush. Breeds across Europe and Asia into Alaska; winters from northern Africa to southeast Asia.