Male © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography eBird S65188706 Macaulay Library ML 206030691
Female © Benjamin Bureau
Male © Jacques Erard
Male © Joelle Buffa Clyde Morris

Black-throated Malimbe Malimbus cassini

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A unique forest malimbe often seen high above the ground, particularly fond of swamp forest, palm trees, and other areas near water. Female is wholly black all over, while the male has bright red extending from the chest around to the back of the neck and up to the crown, surrounding a black throat and face. Found in small groups or with mixed-species flocks, sometimes with other species of malimbe. The combination of a red collar, black throat, and black vent make Black-throated Malimbe unique within its range. Song is a series of mechanical-sounding whistles and chattering notes, and calls include long rasps and harsh “check!” notes.