Male (Yellow-tufted) © Andres Vasquez Noboa eBird S64204849 Macaulay Library ML 262776041
Female (Yellow-tufted) © Roger Ahlman
Male (Black-faced) © Bradley Hacker 🦜
Male (Yellow-tufted) © Edwin Munera
© Andres Vasquez Noboa
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Female (Black-faced) © Carmen Lúcia Bays Figueiredo
Male (Yellow-tufted) © Roger Ahlman
Male (Black-faced) © Adrian Antunez
Male (Yellow-tufted) © Ottavio Janni
Male (Black-faced) © David Kidwell

Black-faced Dacnis Dacnis lineata

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This small tanager is widespread and fairly common in lowlands across northern South America. Male is mostly cerulean blue with a black mask and upperparts. Also note piercing yellow eye. Most widespread population has white belly, but "Yellow-tufted" form in western Ecuador and Colombia has bright yellow belly and conspicuous yellow tufts under shoulders. Female is much duller than male: yellowish below with gray head, olive back, and a hint of a dark mask. Females also have a yellow eye. Typically found in pairs in the canopy of lowland forest and edges, often following mixed-species flocks.