Adult © Cameron Eckert
Adult © Cameron Eckert
Juvenile © Oscar Thomas
Juvenile © Ric Else
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Immature © David Irving
Adult © Evan Lipton
Adult (with Red-billed Gull) © Rohan van Twest

Black-billed Gull Chroicocephalus bulleri

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Pale gull endemic to New Zealand. White with light gray wings and back. Tips of wings have thin black border. Note long thin black bill and black or reddish-black legs (but legs turn bright red during late incubation and hatching). Non-breeding adults have a reddish tinge to the base of their bill, while immature birds have a light pink bill with a dark tip and pinkish legs. The species mostly breeds on inland braided riverbeds in the South Island, but a small proportion of the population breeds in the North Island and on the coast. Distinguished from similar Silver Gull by longer, thinner bill, less extensive black on outer wingtips, and lighter overall.