© Jorge Muñoz García CAQUETA BIRDING eBird S36086702 Macaulay Library ML 56064231
© John Drummond
© David and Regan Goodyear
© Ian Davies
© Edwin Munera

Black Solitaire Entomodestes coracinus

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This striking thrush is unmistakable if seen well: mostly jet black with a white cheek, white tuft under the shoulder, and white outer tail feathers (easily visible from below). Also note red eye and orange lower mandible. Sexes similar. Generally uncommon to rare in limited range in western Colombia and Ecuador, but can be numerous in the right places. Seems to be found most frequently in very humid, mossy cloud forest, but undergoes poorly-known movements perhaps in relation to food availability. Usually seen singly in the middle to upper levels of forest. Listen for the simple song, an even whistled note with a slightly rough tone, given at widely-spaced intervals.