Adult male © Bridget Spencer eBird S69567656 Macaulay Library ML 238137931
Female/immature © Diane Stinson
Adult male © Marlene Cashen
Female/immature © Eric Ellingson
Female/immature © Jerry Ting
+ 6
Adult male © Robert Hamilton
Female/immature © Richard Bunn
Female/immature © Jim Merritt
Adult male © Jay McGowan
Adult male © Curtis Mahon

Black-headed Grosbeak Pheucticus melanocephalus

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Males are black-and-orange like an oriole, but stockier with a very thick bill. Nonbreeding males, females, and immatures typically have an orangey wash across breast with fine dark streaking on sides. Underwing coverts are always yellow. Bill usually looks bicolored, darker above and paler below. Fairly common in a variety of woodlands including mountain forests, thickets along desert streams, and backyards. Winters in Mexico. Regularly visits feeders. Listen for sweet robinlike song and squeaky call. Compare females and immatures with extremely similar Rose-breasted Grosbeak, which is usually identifiable by range. Black-headed usually has sparser and finer streaking on the underparts and more orange tones.