Breeding male © Chris McCreedy - no playbacks eBird S44135113 Macaulay Library ML 92252581
Female/nonbreeding male © Chris McCreedy - no playbacks
Female/nonbreeding male © Luke Seitz
Breeding male © Bryan Calk
Female/nonbreeding male © Chris McCreedy - no playbacks
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Female/nonbreeding male © Laurens Halsey
© Bob Friedrichs
Breeding male © Ryan Terrill

Black-capped Gnatcatcher Polioptila nigriceps

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Long-tailed little bird of dry forest and scrub in northwest Mexico. Found as singles, pairs, or family groups, usually foraging at low to middle levels. Breeding plumage male (March–August) has black cap, but other plumages very similar to Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, a common migrant throughout the range of Black-capped. These species best separated by call note: Black-capped has lower and rougher call than mew of Blue-gray. Also note Blue-gray often has a pinkish base to its smaller bill (gray on Black-capped), a more distinct white eyering (face a little more "open" on Black-capped), and a shorter, less strongly graduated tail.