Adult (Bicolored) © Zhawn Poot eBird S69854385 Macaulay Library ML 240443751
Adult (Spotted) © Jay McGowan
Immature (Bicolored) © Jay McGowan
Immature (Bicolored) © Heidi Ware Carlisle
Adult (Bicolored) © John and Milena Beer
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Immature (Bicolored) © John C. Mittermeier
Adult (Bicolored) © John van Dort
Adult (Bicolored) © Corrie Winter
© Mauricio Morales Solorzano

Bicolored Hawk Accipiter bicolor

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Widespread but uncommon forest hawk of tropical America. Adults are mostly gray, darker on crown and upperparts, with two pale tail bands and rufous thighs that are often hidden from view. Belly is tinged rufous and faintly barred in the southern part of its range. Immature looks remarkably like a forest-falcon, but note its yellow eye and lack of dark crescent on face. Overlaps with the similar Rufous-thighed Kite in parts of South America. Bicolored Hawk is larger, lacks a vertical stripe on the throat, usually stays inside forest, and almost never soars. Feeds mainly on birds and is generally quiet and elusive. Birds from central and southern Chile as well as adjacent parts of Argentina are now considered a separate species, Chilean Hawk.