Male (Red-bellied) © Ray Scally eBird S43790632 Macaulay Library ML 91979741
Male (Tricolored) © Dubi Shapiro
Male (Red-bellied) © Ray Scally
Female (Red-bellied) © Josep del Hoyo
Female (Red-bellied) © Josep del Hoyo
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Male (Red-bellied) © Ryan Irvine
Male (Tricolored) © Bernard Guevorts
Female (Red-bellied) © David Beadle
Male (Red-bellied) © Allison Miller
Male (Tricolored) © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography
Male (Red-bellied) © Peter Kennerley
Male (Red-bellied) © Josep del Hoyo

Black-headed Paradise-Flycatcher Terpsiphone rufiventer

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Both sexes show a clean black head and rufous underparts. Males vary considerably across the range. The wing can be completely rufous or have a white stripe; the back can be rufous or gray; and the central tail feathers can be slightly or greatly elongated. Both sexes have a blue bill and ring around the eye. Found in various types of forest and in plantations and thickets. Restless, active, mid-story bird that often joins mixed-species feeding flocks. Call is a series of tearing “shreet” notes, and song a fast, bubbling series of “twee” notes. Similar to other paradise-flycatchers, but easily separated by the rufous underparts and cleanly demarcated black head.