Adult (canescens) © Ronnie Reed eBird S78171991 Macaulay Library ML 292022541
Adult (belli) © Brian Sullivan
Adult (cinerea) © Ian Davies
Adult (clementeae) © Nicole Desnoyers
Adult (cinerea) © Andrew Spencer
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Juvenile © Sharif Uddin
Adult (belli) © James (Jim) Holmes
Adult (belli) © Melissa James
Adult (canescens) © Alex Lamoreaux

Bell's Sparrow Artemisiospiza belli

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Brownish sparrow with gray head and white breast with dark central spot. Very similar to Sagebrush Sparrow and once considered the same species. Bell's Sparrow is usually darker and more contrasty overall. Also note Bell's Sparrow's relatively dark and broad mustache stripe and plainer back with only indistinct, thin streaks. Found in shrubby expanses of sagebrush, primarily in California and Baja (more restricted than Sagebrush, essentially only overlapping in winter). Perches up conspicuously when singing; otherwise stays low and hidden. Frequently runs on the ground, often with tail cocked up. Song is a jumble of mechanical, musical notes, faster than Sagebrush Sparrow.