Baya Weaver Ploceus philippinus

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A widespread weaver that is known for its nest—a long hanging nest with a bulbous chamber and a narrow tubular entrance. Breeding males have yellow forehead and crown, a dark throat that contrasts with yellow underparts. Nonbreeding males and females are similar except they have buffy colors where breeding males are yellow; also note the dark streaks on the back and the broad buffy eyebrow on females. Juvenile resembles female, but lack the female’s obvious eyebrow. Baya Weavers lack the strongly streaked appearance of Streaked Weavers. Regional variation in plumage exist mainly in the amount of yellow and black in breeding plumage. Occur as flocks, particularly in breeding season. Advertising calls of males are an easy way to detect the species as several males in the flock call together creating a cacophony of a series of rasping chatters followed by a buzzing whistle interspersed with long chatters.



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