Adult (American) © Mason Maron eBird S67749321 Macaulay Library ML 227073431
Adult (American) © Ryan Sanderson
Adult (White-bellied) © Erkki Lehtovirta
Adult (White-bellied) © Pavel Štěpánek
Adult (Buff-bellied) © Itamar Donitza
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Adult (Tytler's) © Andrew Spencer
Adult (Levant) © Éric Francois Roualet
Adult (Egyptian) © Fabio Olmos
Adult (American) © Ad Konings
Adult (American) © Ryan Sanderson
Adult (White-bellied) © Huw Roberts
Juvenile (American) © Farshad Pourmalek
Immature (Levant) © yuda siliki
Juvenile (White-bellied) © Teresa Cohen
Juvenile (American) © Laure Wilson Neish
Adult (American) © Ryan Sanderson
Adult (American) © Jay McGowan
Flock (American) © George Gerdts

Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica

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A fairly large, colorful swallow. Usually easy to identify with its long, forked tail and dark rump. Iridescent navy-blue above with a rich orange throat and forehead. Underparts vary across range, from bright buffy-orange to whitish. Occurs in any open habitat, especially large fields and wetlands. Often seen foraging in flocks, sometimes mixed with other species of swallow. Typically nests close to human habitation; builds a muddy cup nest in a barn or under a dock. Listen for dry, scratchy “svit svit” calls. Note head and breast pattern and tail length to help separate from various similar species in Africa, Asia, and Australia (e.g., Welcome Swallow, Angolan Swallow, Pacific Swallow).