Adult male © Blair Dudeck eBird S67749000 Macaulay Library ML 226916371
Female © Blair Dudeck
Adult male © Caroline Lambert
Male © Tammy McQuade
Female and chick © Ryan Shaw
+ 5
Adult male © Michel Bourque
Female © Brian Sullivan
Flock © Ken Langelier
Flock © Dominique Berteaux

Barrow's Goldeneye Bucephala islandica

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Striking diving duck of coastal harbors, mountain lakes, and large rivers. Very similar to Common Goldeneye. Males are easiest: Barrow’s has more black on the back, a downward-pointing spur on the side, and a crescent-shaped (not circular) white patch on the face. Females can be very difficult. Barrow’s usually has a yellow bill, but Common can rarely show a dull yellowish bill. Head and bill shape are important: Barrow’s has a steeper forehead and a puffy nape, and a shorter bill with a more rounded lower edge. Fairly common in western U.S. and Canada; much less common in the northeast. Small population in Iceland. Frequently found in mixed flocks with Common Goldeneye.