Adult male © fernando Burgalin Sequeria eBird S51050954 Macaulay Library ML 131880391
Adult female © Ryan Schain
Adult female © Bob Dunlap
Immature female © Sarah Gustafson
Female/immature male © Marky Mutchler
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Adult male © kurt countryman
Adult male © Andrew Spencer
Female © Alix d'Entremont
Adult male © Winston Poon

Baltimore Oriole Icterus galbula

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The common oriole in the eastern U.S., wintering to northern South America. Adult males are stunning: bright orange with a black head and bold white wingbar. Females vary from yellowish to bright orange below, often with blotchy black on the head. Breeds in deciduous trees in open woodlands, forest edges, orchards, riversides, parks, and backyards. Listen for rich whistled song. Visits feeders with nectar and fruits. Females can be very difficult to distinguish from Bullock's Oriole, and hybrids do occur. Baltimore is usually brightest on the breast, not the face.